Who we are

Circo Volátil began as a dream.

The dream of sharing the passion and enjoyment of the World of the Circus. A dream that has become true step by step, and which is still a bit hard to believe it has become true.

It all began in 2011 with the support of the Sports Delegation of the Tarifa City Council. And the ball, as if it were made of snow, continued to grow day after day.


And who was dreaming this dream? I, Sara Rodríguez Castro.

I am the promoter, driving force and creator of all this. I am guilty. And yes, with a lot of help, a lot of people that during this time have been standing by me in this project, and many more that have trusted me and enjoyed the courses. To all of YOU (you know who you are):

Thank you!


Yes, I like circus, and? Yes, circus, C I R C U S, and yes, you can study it, feel it, experience it. It is something that takes you very far away and introduces you to other worlds where all laws are challenged, people come down from the ceiling, others drive monocycle, you find indescribable objects, the walls move, objects fly through the air, everything is full of color, people laugh in a rational way at the most absolute absurd, and then, in that place… everything seems to be possible… that’s the magic of the circus, yes, C I R C U S.

For those of you most curious that always want to know more, don’t worry, I have prepared a lot of information for you; here you can find all my papers and diplomas: Diplomas